06-Jan-2019Waiting For Things to Come1 Corinthians 3: 19-23PASTOR ARMINGTON
13-Jan-2019Whatever It TakesMark 10: 46-52REV. RAY HINES, JR
20-Jan-2019The Advantage of Being Defeated2 Corinthians 12: 10bPASTOR ARMINGTON
27-Jan-2019How to Out Live Those Who Said You Wouldn't Make ItJob 42: 12aPASTOR ARMINGTON
03-Feb-2019God Will Get Glory After ThisRomans 8:18PASTOR ARMINGTON
10-Feb-2019What Do These Stones MeanJoshua 4:20REV. BRUCE C. CARROLL, SR.
10-Feb-2019What Everyone Should Bring to ChurchPsalm 100: 1-5REV. ANTONIO T. DIXON, SR.
17-Feb-2019The Advantage of Touching JesusMatthew 14: 34-36PASTOR ARMINGTON
I'm Willing and Prepared to Praise God All by Myself2 Samuel 6:14-22PASTOR ARMINGTON
03-Mar- 2019Knocked Down but Not Knocked Out2 Corinthians 4:8-9PASTOR ARMINGTON
07-Mar-2019Let's Stay ConnectedEphesians 4:4PASTOR ARMINGTON
10-Mar-2019Case DismissedJohn 8:9-11PASTOR ARMINGTON
17-Mar-2019Why I'm Praying for You to Reach Your DestinyJohn 17:1-5PASTOR ARMINGTON
24-Mar-2019The Danger of FlatliningRevelations 3: 1-6PASTOR ARMINGTON
31-Mar-2019A Timeless GodPsalm 90: 7-12PASTOR ARMINGTON
7-Apr-2019Lord, Make Me Over AgainPsalm 51: 1, 10PASTOR ARMINGTON
14-Apr-2019An Ugly Religion in a Beautiful ChurchActs 3: 1-10PASTOR ARMINGTON
21-Apr-2019Good News From the GraveyardMatthew 28: 5-7PASTOR ARMINGTON
22-Apr-2019It's Not Too Late to RecoverJoel 2:12-13, 25-26REV. DENNIS R. EVERETT, SR.
23-Apr-2019Trusting God in the God and the BadJob 2: 9-10REV. DENNIS R. EVERETT, SR.
24-Apr-2019Your New SeasonIsiah 43: 18-19aREV. DENNIS R. EVERETT, SR.
28-Apr-2019If Your're Going to Do Me Wrong Then at Least Do It RightLuke 22: 47-48PASTOR ARMINGTON
05-May-2019Living a Lie Made by DefaultMatthew 26:35PASTOR ARMINGTON
12-May-2019The Hand That Rocks the Cradle1 Kings 3: 27dPASTOR ARMINGTON
19-May-2019Don't Waste Any of Your TimeGalatians 4:11PASTOR ARMINGTON
26-May-2019When You Didn't Know God Would Be with You1 Corinthians 16:9​PASTOR ARMINGTON
02-Jun-2019When You Know You're Not Worth It But God Favored You AnyhowRuth 2:5PASTOR ARMINGTON
09-Jun-2019A PHAT Church in a Starving CommunityPhilemon 1:25PASTOR ARMINGTON
16-Jun-2019Run the RaceHebrews 12:1-12Rev. David Brooks
23-Jun-2019Detours Along the Road to HeavenJeremiah 29: 11-14DR. COREY COLEMAN
07-Jul-2019Coming Out the Pit with a PraiseGenesis 37:24-28PASTOR ARMINGTON
14-Jul-2019I Lost It But God Gave It BackLuke 15:1-3, 8-10PASTOR ARMINGTON
21-Jul-2019In It to Win It1 Corinthians 9:24-27PASTOR ARMINGTON
28-Jul-2019The Spirit of AssassinationMark 3:6PASTOR ARMINGTRON
04-Aug-2019The Man Who Thought He Had Everything but Really Don't Have AnythingMark 3:6PASTOR ARMINGTON
05-Aug-2019Encourage Yourself in the World1 Samuel 30:1-6REV. JAY DENT, JR.
06-Aug-2019God Did ItPsalm 4:1-8


07-Aug-2019Security in an Insecure WorldMatthew 24:42-44REV. JAY DENT, SR.
11-Aug-2019Leaving Home LostActs 19:11-16REV. TREVOR ALLEN
25-Aug-2019What Ants Do When it RainsProverbs 6:6-8


08-Sep-2019How to Make Naysayers Glorify GodLuke 5:18-26PASTOR ARMINGTON
15-Sep-2019I Was in the Fire But I Didn't Get BurntDaniel 3:21-25PASTOR ARMINGTON
22-Sep-2019The Black Sheep of the FamilyMark 3:20-22PASTOR ARMINGTON
29-Sep-2019A Shame to Contradict Our TestimonyEzra 8: 21-23DR. ALLEN B. GREEN
06-Oct-2019Going Through Hell to Be HeardJonah 2: 1-2PASTOR ARMINGTON
13-Oct-2019The Pastor of the House1 Timothy 3:15DR. ROBERT C. HUDSON
13-Oct-2019God Will Take Care of You1 Kings 17:9REV. OMEGA SMITH, SR.
20-Oct-2019What was in the Greasy BasketJohn 6:9PASTOR ARMINGTON
27-Oct-2019Snake Bitten, But Still AliveActs 28: 3-5DR. MELVIN C. ZENO
03-Nov-2019Looking Back on YesterdayJohn 4:46-53PASTOR ARMINGTON
10-Nov-2019Our FatherMatthew 6: 9-13BISHOP JERRY L. MAIDEN, SR.
17-Nov-2019When God Refuses to Accept Our Worship and PraisePsalm 66: 18PASTOR ARMINGTON
24-Nov-2019How to Conduct Yourself in the Middle of a StormActs 27: 36PASTOR ARMINGTON

Media Ministry

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PHBC "THE HILL" Media Ministry provides CD's following every worship service for $6.00 each.  You may also purchase CD's via mail for $12.00 each (including shipping and handling). Please select the services by dates and send a cashier's check and/or money order addressed:


You may email the church for additional information at pleasanthill.bc@att.net and please note that we are praying blessings upon you in advance for your support in ministry.

Bro. Willie Stephens
Media Ministry Coordinator

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

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Business for God and God's Business is People"