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Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

Joshua 5: 13-15

Israel had crossed the Jordan River.  It was time to enter into the promised land.  Joshua was the new “Commander In Chief” of Israel’s army.  I picture Joshua in devotional contemplation.  He needs wisdom for divine instruction and guidance.  The strong city of Jericho is the first obstacle in their path.  How is he to fight this battle?

Joshua lifts up his eyes and sees a man in the open field with a sword drawn.  He asked (and I paraphrase) “Are you on our side, or are you on the side of our enemies?”  The man replies, “Wrong question.  Let me be the one to ask the questions.  Are you on my side?  All of Heaven follows my leadership, will you?  If you do not allow me to lead you, then must I come up against you!”

If I had been there, I would have told Joshua, “ you had better listen to that man standing out there in the field for three specific reasons...”

The first reason to listen to the man in the open field is because he is God.  The man in the field was none other than the Lord Jesus Christ.  He demanded worship and only God could be worshipped effectively.  Joshua would take off his shoes, because he was in the presence of God.

There is only one true God and he is the God of the Bible.  The forefathers of our nation believed this.  Read the documents of American history.  Today, God of the Bible stands before America.  Will we listen to him?  The ten commandments are once again etched in stone.  According to round one of the battle being waged in our cities and the war on terror, the “Man in the field” is not a welcomed sight.

The second reason to listen to the man in the open field is because he has a sword in his hand.  If we reject God as our God in America, we are indeed in dire trouble.  The sword of the Lord will ultimately come down upon us.  Hurricane Katrina will, once again, be laying at our doorstep.  How quickly we forget 9/11.  We will have much more to fear than Middle Eastern terrorist.

The third and final reason to listen to the man in the open field is because you cannot accomplish what you need to accomplish without his help.  The arm of flesh will fail us but if we allow the God of the Bible to lead us, as our forefathers once did, the enemies of our land will fall before us.  God will be with us in battle.  The walls of Jericho will come tumbling down.

May we be “One Nation under God,” once again!

May we still say “In God we trust,” once again!

Perhaps, it may be too late to save America, but it may not be too late for you and your home.  Let me compel you to say, as Joshua once did in Joshua 24:15…

              “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”