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When Facing A Financial Famine 

  • 4:06

”And there shall arise after them seven years of famine…” Genesis 40:30a (KJV)

 God has some wise counsel that you and I should examine prior to facing a financial famine. He literally informs us to “trust in him to supply all our needs.” By faith, he will sustain you if you will follow his lead. Even I have suffered and survived a financial famine a time or two and God always made a way. He led me right on through it all but

I had to learn to walk by faith in the face of my dire plight.

By seeing things his way, my priorities were rearranged. He directed the use of the finances he entrusted to my care. As I needed more, I trusted him for the how, when, and where. I did without things I thought I could not live without. I learned a more meaningful definition of true success by having little and making of it what is best.

 So how much longer will you continue the same routines and patterns while experiencing similar results. In other words, how long will you keep doing the same thing that’s not working for your good? A light should eventually come on since it is designed to interrupt patterns, if you pay close attention and adhere to its objective. However, if you continue the same path you are on then your end will not turn out in your favor. Just remember… we all need a new lease on life every now and then!