Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

"The Church That's in

Business for God and God's Business is People"

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 Lady Katherine Armington (affectionately known as First Lady) is the devoted wife of the Senior Pastor of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Rev. Dr. Henry L. Armington, Sr. The couple has been united for over 33 years with four children, in which two sons born to their union. Her passion evolves around working with youth and providing services to the elderly and disability personnel.

First Lady was born and raised in Belcher, Louisiana where she attended both Herndon and North Caddo Public School District. She accepted Christ as her personal Savior at age 14 at Justice Chapel Baptist Church in Belcher, Louisiana during a revival worship service experience.

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church newest “First Lady” will have her own platform, but foremost on her agenda will be supporting and helping to advance the church’s twenty-five year visionary plan from God. Despite previous life threatening challenges, she whole-heartily believes in the direction her husband is taking the church.

First Lady has served the Shreveport vicinity via “Henry Armington Ministries” and is actively involved in outreach ministry with a spiritual objective in becoming better acquainted with the Master. Her primary motive is an interest in the natural development and the spiritual growth of women. 
As a Godly woman, the Lord is using her mightily to train young lady’s to reach their utmost potential in Christ Jesus.

​First Lady Katherine Armington